Please help me welcome our newest coach and intern, Rachel and Milo! Rachel is not your typical CrossFit coach. She is a professional musician and former ballerina. In 2009, after years of pain from repetitive stress injuries and failed therapies from medical professionals, she started CrossFit hoping to save her music performance career. CrossFit improved her strength, stamina, and endurance, which helped her to complete her Doctorate in viola performance in 2013. Since finishing school, she has been fascinated with fitness and movement, experimenting with many other movement modalities: boxing, gymnastics, Aikido, and more. She is currently in a 4-year teacher training to become a Feldenkrais Method practitioner. CrossFit opened a world of possibilities that she never knew existed. As a coach, she strives to impart that love of “diving down the rabbit hole” of fitness while also maintaining optimal body mechanics with Feldenkrais ideologies. In September 2016, she gave birth to her first child, Milo. That experience has led her down a new fitness path in helping new moms in their postpartum healing.

If you want to find Rachel outside of the gym, she and her husband, Jay, perform every Thursday from 6:30-8:30 at Dargan’s Irish Pub in downtown Santa Barbara with the Celtic fusion band, Dannsair.

I. Warm-up

Coach’s choice!
This month we are letting our coaches get creative and come up with their own warm-ups for their classes. We all come from different backgrounds and this gives them a chance to apply what they’ve learned and add their own flavor to our programming.

II. Lifting

Clean & Jerk
Minute 1: 1+1 every 15 seconds @ 60%
Minute 2: Rest
Minute 3: 1+1 every 15 seconds @65%
Minute 4: Rest
Minute 5: 1+1 every 15 seconds @70%
Minute 6: Rest
Minute 7: 2+1 every 20 seconds @ 80%
Minute 8: Rest
Minute 9&10: 2+1 every 30 seconds @ 85%


5 RFT:
20 Wall ball shots (20/14)
10 Deadlifts (225/155)

IV. Optional

EMOM Muscle-ups
Choose one of the following:
A. 3 sets of 9 unbroken muscle-ups
B. 4 sets of 7 unbroken muscle-ups
C. 5 sets of 5 unbroken muscle-ups
D. 6 sets of 4 unbroken muscle-ups
E. 7 sets of 3 unbroken muscle-ups
F. 8 sets of 2 unbroken muscle-ups
G. 9 sets of 1 muscle-up
If you have to break between rounds, drop down a level.

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