PRs and What They Mean

Last week was an incredible week. We tested your strength, skill, and mental fortitude. Everyone did amazingly. As coaches, we love to witness these kinds of weeks. All the hard work our athletes have put in has really paid off. I guarantee though that these may be the last PRs some of you see for a while. I don’t mean that to sound so sinister. I mean to say that many of you are passing from your beginner CrossFitter stages to your intermediate stages. Some of you have probably been in your intermediate stage for some time now.

You may have started CrossFit anywhere from a few months to a year or so ago. You’ve been making unbelievable progress. I’m writing to tell you this isn’t just normal, it’s expected. Much of the progress you’ve made has been from honing your technique, and of course you’ve been getting stronger, too. That’s not to say that you can stop working on technique. You’ve only really just brushed the surface of the rabbit hole of movement technique. But now is the time when you need to start really becoming aware of your body because not all PRs are increases in speed or weight. Some PRs come from moving from a once modified movement to the real deal (like moving from ring rows to pull-ups, or from incline push-ups to push-ups on the floor). These don’t look like PRs necessarily because your times are probably going to slow dramatically. Other PRs come from the difference in how you feel. Maybe your Fran retest time didn’t improve, but you didn’t feel like you had to throw up. That’s a huge PR.

Also remember, that you are your own person with your own life, health considerations, advantages, and limitations. That gym frenemy that you constantly compare yourself to (whether they know it or not) is their own person, too. It doesn’t matter if they’re making PRs and you’re not. To each their own. Focus on you, and train smart. Slow progress is lasting progress.

Much Love My Friends,
Coach Rachel

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