Shout out to Clay Corwin for joining us last week. Clay is a Masters 60+ Games athlete placing 5th and 6th in the CrossFit Games the past two years. Clay proves that age ain’t nuthin’ but a number!

*Please note that we are on our regular schedule today.

I. Warm-up

5 Rounds:
Pull-ups: Week 4, Day 1
10 Med ball front squats squats*
6 strict toes to bar

* After the second round, switch to back squats with the barbell so that you’ve done at least 2 two of the 5 sets of the back squats by the time you finish the pull-ups and toes to bar.

II. Lifting

Back Squat for load:
#1: 5 reps
#2: 5 reps
#3: 5 reps
#4: 5 reps
#5: 5 reps


Team (Wo)Manmakers
60 (Wo)manmakers as a team (25/15)

One team member runs 400m while the other team members does man makers. When the runner gets back the team members switch exercises.

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