Community. Compassion. Care.

Every year I donate blood on or around my birthday (October 24) to celebrate another year on this planet with the hope that it will give someone else another chance at life. This year is a big year for me as I am turning the BIG 4-0.

Since I was a child, I have always had an inherent need to help others, and that need gets stronger as I get older. So this year, for my birthday, I ask all of you who read this to take a moment sometime this month to donate blood, especially for those who live in areas where a disaster has recently happened. If you are unable to or can’t donate blood, donate your time to volunteer at a clinic or some other organization that works for disaster relief or mental health. Please.

Our country has reached a critical point where we need to come together and work to resolve the lingering issues that are dragging us down the dark hole in which we are currently falling. Yelling about politics has gotten us nowhere. We are all in this together. One love.

Coach Ninja

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