Shout out to Ebba and her parents Katarina and Thony from Sweden for visiting the past couple of weeks!

I. Warm-up

Death by Pull-ups
Max time is 8 minutes, and you’ll be doing 2x the round you are on.
Round 1 = 2 pull-ups
Round 2 = 4 pull-ups
Round 3 = 6 pull-ups

and so on for 8 rounds, or when you can’t hit the target pull-ups. During the early rounds warm-up your shoulders with a pvc pipe, and do any other stretching you need.

II. Strength

Barbell cycling – EMOM 10
1 x 3 position power clean @ 60% of 1 rep max. Don’t put the bar down between reps.


Four Station Tabata
Station 1: push-ups
Station 2: jumping squats
Station 3: toes to bar
Station 4: jumping lunges

1 complete Tabata set = 8 x 0:20 work/0:10 rest.

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