Fundamental Movements Course

Wondering how to get started in CrossFit? Our Fundamental Movements Course is your answer!

At CrossFit Santa Barbara, we provide a three week introductory course that mainly focuses on the barbell movements, as well as the gymnastic and body weight movements that you find in our programming.

Our goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable and have an understanding of the movements prior to joining the regular group classes.  We won’t throw you into a class unprepared! We’re not that kind of program. We do require that all new members take this course. However, if you are an experienced CrossFitter or weightlifter and are interested in joining, contact us to set up a free assessment!

The course consists of three 1-hour long sessions per week for two weeks.  Upon completion of the 6 sessions, you will gain access to unlimited group classes for the last week of the month.

The movements in CrossFit take time, practice, and dedicated instruction to learn how to execute them properly and safely.  The limited group size allows for a more personal environment so our coaches can get to know you and thus, tailoring your CrossFit experience to your needs by knowing your goals, limitations, medical conditions, etc.

Come ready to learn, have fun, and sweat a bit! Each session includes a workout at the end!


$149 for 2 weeks of 3x/week training and 2 week of unlimited classes!


Courses start the first Monday of every month! Contact Us to reserve a spot!


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