Intro Classes

Fundamental Movements Course

Before joining our group classes, a 2-week Fundamental Movements course is required. This is to ensure that our members understand the basics of the barbell and gymnastics movements.

The movements in CrossFit take time, practice, and dedicated instruction to learn how to execute them properly and safely. The limited group size allows for a more personal environment so our coaches can get to know you and thus, tailor your CrossFit experience to your needs by knowing your goals, limitations, medical conditions, etc.

Experienced CrossFitters can forego the fundaments course.

For more information about our fundamentals movement course, including pricing, please click here.

Free Community Class

Not quite ready to commit to the Fundamental Movements Course? Join us on Saturdays at 9 am for our FREE community class where we give you a glimpse of what a typical group class entails and to meet our fabulous community! Every class will begin with a warm-up, then we move on to a skill focus, then a workout. We will then finish the class with a cool down or stretching session.

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