Rose Joost, Coach


Crossfit Level 1, Yoga Teacher Certification, Licensed Massage Therapist

Favorite Movements:

Deadlifts, Snatches

Favorite WOD:

“Spooning ice cream into my mouth.”


Biohacking, nutrition & supplementation, yoga,design, creating, pottery, jewelry making, all things beach and all things food, trying new things

Rose has played and competed in a multitude of sports for her entire life and has always studied the human body, whether in the classroom with anatomy and physiology, or hands-on as a licensed massage therapist. A voracious reader who is constantly looking to learn and try out new techniques, she found CrossFit in 2012 after seeing The Games on TV. Immediately hooked, she pursued her certification 6 months later.

As a former triathlete, she is passionate about the community and the energy that you find in both settings and as a masters athlete she is looking to promote longevity through sport. Over the years, Rose has realized the depth of the connection between mind, body and spirit and believes if you are willing to train the body, you must also train the mind. She is passionate about  supporting all athletes at whatever stage or path they are on in their personal fitness journey and laughing as much as possible along the way.

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