Santa Barbara Strong Moms

It is possible to live a life postpartum that does not involve a tummy that won’t completely go away, nagging back pain, or leaking when you sneeze, jump, run, or laugh. While these symptoms are common, they are by no means normal, and can even be addressed many years after your last child.

Santa Barbara Strong Moms is not your typical mom’s fitness class. It’s for the moms out there who need help getting back to doing what they love. It is designed to educate you about how your body can function optimally. This is not CrossFit, Zumba, or any class that will get your heart rate up or your sweat on. The focus is improving posture and coordinating muscle systems. As a result, you will get stronger and feel better!

Classes are limited to just 5 people.





Session Times:

Mondays and Thursdays at 11am


Upcoming Courses:

  • February 5 – March 15
  • May details coming soon!


Contact Rachel for More Details!


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