Tabitha Lawrence, Yoga Instructor


200hr Power Yoga, 80hr Yoga Sculpt, 50hr Extensions, all through CorePower Yoga in Santa Barbara, CA

Favorite Movements:

Deadlifts, Snatches, Box Jumps, and Wall Balls

Favorite WODs:

17.1 – my first open workout ever!!


Yoga, hiking, trail running, and eating everything

Tabitha started her yoga journey during college as a way to help recovery time during marathon training. She quickly learned that she wanted to become a yoga instructor, and enrolled in her first 200hr training. From there the sky was the limit! Tabitha quickly started to teach, lead teacher trainings, and manage at CorePower in the Central Coast. Having always loved weight lifting, CrossFit became a natural addition to her exercise routine in 2016. Tabitha is excited to blend two of her favorite things together by offering restorative yoga classes to the community at CrossFit Santa Barbara. She loves to educate and help other people who share her passion for exercise and fitness, and hopes these classes encourage a deeper dive in to mobility and stretching after vigorous workouts!

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